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Preventive Dentistry for Special Needs Patients
Albany, OR

Multiple toothbrushes reminding patients to brush at Special Care Dentistry of Oregon in Albany, ORPreventive dentistry is a dental care approach that helps to ensure good oral health. It involves practicing good dental habits and periodic dental checkups. The process includes periodontal care to help prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. For patients with special needs, preventive dental care is crucial, and our dentists at Special Care Dentistry of Oregon can help offer optimal care.

We understand that people with physical, cognitive, or developmental limitations require extra caution when offering dental care. Our qualified dentists provide customized services and ensure all patients are in a comfortable environment. Some of the preventive dental care tips we recommend for our patients include the following.

Brush Teeth Twice Per Day

Food debris can get trapped in the tongue, gums, or teeth. If you don't brush off the debris, it will build up in the mouth and cause bacteria production. The bacteria produce toxins that eat away the tooth's enamel and even cause infections in the gums. Brushing is the leading preventive dentistry care tip. You should ensure you brush with a fluoride toothpaste and get fluoride treatment. Patients with special needs may require assistance in brushing, and a caregiver should offer the needed support.

Also, special toothbrushes are available with unique grasping options for patients with special needs. An electric toothbrush can help patients that have difficulties with mobility. These brushes have great cleaning power and are a great choice for these situations.

Flossing Daily

A toothbrush might be unable to reach tight spaces located between your teeth. For people with braces, floss threaders help target the gaps between the metal brackets. Our dentists will guide our patients on the appropriate way to use the different flossing tools. You can check out unique flossers available that make the process easy.

Periodic Visits to Our Dentists

Patients should visit our dentists at least twice per year. Most of our patients with special needs are anxious about going to the dental clinic. However, we create a friendly environment for them. We encourage caregivers to accompany them so they can feel at ease. Bringing comfort items such as toys or books can help patients relax. During our dental visits, we conduct dental exams and professional cleanings. This allows us to identify potential problems early on and offer adequate remedies.

Eating a Balanced Diet

Your diet can affect the health of your teeth and gums. Foods high in sugars and acids will eat away the enamel of your teeth, predisposing you to dental cavities and decay. We encourage caregivers to give support to their loved ones to limit their sugar intake and avoid acidic foods. Drinking plenty of water and eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals ensures a healthy smile.

Choosing a dental practice like Special Care Dentistry of Oregon ensures that individuals with special needs have access to gentle and kind dental experts. Our team has extensive training and experience working with people with disabilities. Our patients can develop a comfortable and trusting relationship with our team. To schedule an appointment, you can contact us at .
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