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Albany, OR

Young man helping patient in wheelchair to get into van outdoors on their way to Special Care Dentistry of Oregon in Albany, OROffering dental care to patients with special needs may necessitate modification of conventional methods. People who have physical disabilities can face challenges sitting in the dental chair or going in for surgery. Such people require extra care. Our dental team at Special Care Dentistry of Oregon considers the need for precautions when providing professional cleaning and peridontal care for patients with special needs.

Our dentists have received intensive training on how to work with and care for individuals with special needs. We provide an ideal environment to ensure our patients receive professional care during the dental cleaning process. Our special dentistry services are reliable and guarantee the best outcome.

Provision of a Comfortable Environment

Our dentists spend time getting to know our patients before the actual professional cleaning procedure. This helps patients familiarize themselves with the process, and we can learn about their interests. We want the patient to be at ease and familiarize themselves with our dental team.

During the cleaning process, we encourage our patients to bring comfort items. Anything that motivates the patients, such as a stuffed animal, is highly recommended to make them feel comfortable. The appointment time and length we plan are ideal for each patient.

Proper Communication

People who have autism, cognitive defects, or any physical disabilities require care when addressing them. The wrong body movement or facial expressions can send the wrong message. Positive reinforcement and appropriate communication ensure that the patient is in a conducive environment. An assistant or caregiver should be present in the room to offer the needed support.

Finding a Comfortable Position for Professional Cleaning

Some patients may require unique accommodations in the dental office. For instance, a patient in a wheelchair will require a transfer to a dental chair. In some other cases, the position of our dental chair might need adjusting to offer maximum comfort.
Dental cleaning appointments can be challenging, especially for patients with sensory issues. They will need adequate coaching to agree to sit on the dental chair. To minimize their fear, we conduct the initial evaluation in a position the patient is most comfortable.

The Professional Cleaning Process

The professional cleaning process for patients with special needs is conducted with care and love. Most patients fear the touch, sounds, and lights used in cleaning. Some might not be able to hold their head in the correct position. We encourage our patients to have comfort items; for instance, reading a book to them during the cleaning process can increase the success rate. A caregiver can also sing for the patient during the cleaning process. We can customize another comfortable position if a patient is uncomfortable getting on the dental chair.

If you have an individual with special needs that requires a professional dental cleaning, don't hesitate to visit us at Special Care Dentistry of Oregon. Our dentists will guide each patient throughout the process. If you have any questions regarding our special care dentistry services, contact us at .
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