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Fluoride Treatment

Brunette female with down syndrome smiling while at yoga classPerforming fluoride treatment frequently will help strengthen and revitalize tooth enamel. Poor dental care habits will lead to the formation of dental cavities and tooth decay, which will cause several other severe dental issues.

If you or your little one has a physical or intellectual disability, Special Care Dentistry of Oregon is proud to offer you compassionate and gentle dental care. We have a team of licensed employees with years of experience assisting people with cognitive, physical, behavioral, and developmental disabilities. Our staff will always go above and beyond to ensure all of our patients are comfortable and safe during their visits, to restore their beautiful and healthy smiles.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment is a simple procedure comprising of a concentrated fluoride application on the surface of the teeth using a swab, brush, or tray. Fluoride can be administered as a mouthwash for patients with special needs to swish in their mouth. Our dentists may request the patients to refrain from drinking or eating food until 30 minutes after undergoing fluoride treatment. Depending on the oral health or diagnosis of the individual, our dentist may suggest periodic fluoride treatment to help keep cavities at bay.

Advantages of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride can help prevent cavities in adults and children with special needs. According to recent studies, children who undergo fluoride treatment at an early age have less of a chance of getting cavities. Adults who use fluoride regularly also have less risk of getting cavities than those who do not.

Fluoride treatment will help mineralize teeth where bacteria eat away the enamel surface. The treatment will help ensure the formation of a more substantial barrier on the tooth surface, preventing further decay in the tooth’s inner layers.

Fluoride Treatment Procedure

Fluoride treatment is effective when the surface of the tooth is clean. The treatment can be given immediately after polishing and scaling. A single appointment is enough for fluoride treatment. Fluoride can be in the form of varnish, foam, or gel.
In most cases, fluoride is applied using a brush or a tray held in the mouth for a few minutes. Our dentists will request you refrain from rinsing, drinking, or eating anything for at least 30 minutes. During this period, the teeth absorb fluoride, which helps repair the microscopic cavities.

After Fluoride Treatment

We will recommend aftercare instructions to follow to ensure the fluoride treatment penetrates the tooth enamel and yields the right results.

One of the essential aftercare practices is that patients do not drink, eat, or brush for at least 30 minutes after undergoing fluoride treatment. They can experience nausea when they swallow the fluoride. Sickness will be temporary and will disappear within 24 hours. Using fluoride in excess can be dangerous to patients; hence, our dentists will always exercise great care to ensure they administer proper fluoride doses during treatment.

Our patients can count on Special Care Dentistry of Oregon to perform fluoride treatment. Our staff will administer fluoride to ensure your teeth remain strong and healthy. Feel free to schedule an appointment today by calling 541-926-3689.
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