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Dental Bridges

Disabled man taking a selfie with phone outside in parkEveryone will, at one point in their life, need dental services. Some people will need special services to enjoy these dental services. People with special needs may struggle to get into the dental chair or on the surgery table. People with learning disabilities may be over-anxious and may require extra care. People with disabilities can also have dental bridges but will require special attention and care for the entire procedure to be successful.

At Special Care Dentistry of Oregon, we value all of our patients. We have set up facilities capable of handling a patient with special needs. Our dentists have undergone special training on how to handle people with disabilities to ensure they receive the right type of service.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge refers to a device comprising of one or more artificial teeth made from porcelain or resin, replacing the natural missing tooth. There are two main types of dental bridges. The most common type of dental bridge consists of metal or porcelain crowns that are permanently bonded to the natural teeth.

Rendering of jaw with dental bridge

Dental Bridge Procedure

The first step is assessing the need for restorative dental treatment to help replace the missing teeth. Our dentist will examine the area and take x-rays to help understand the magnitude and be able to make the best decision.

A local anesthetic will then be administered to ensure the patient feels no pain during the procedure. Abutment teeth filing to the right shape is then done. The tooth impression is then made and sent to a laboratory for dental bridge construction. The prosthetics must match in color, shape, and size for aesthetic purposes.

In the second appointment, the dental procedure will take place. The temporary bridge will first be removed, and all of the underlying teeth will be properly cleaned. Dental cement is used in fixing the dental bridge in place.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges will provide a permanent solution for people with special needs with missing teeth. Dental bridges can replace the missing teeth without the patient undergoing surgery. The new tooth will be indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth with the availability of porcelain finishes.

When you have a dental bridge well placed, it will boost your confidence levels as it will restore your lost smile. It will also make day-to-day activities like talking and eating easy. You will protect the remaining teeth by replacing a missing tooth with a dental bridge.

When you fail to replace the missing tooth, the remaining teeth can move to the empty space affecting your smile and how you bite. Dental bridges invest in oral health, confidence levels, and quality of life.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Dental Bridges?

Not all people with missing teeth are ideal candidates for a dental bridge. Before you decide to have a dental bridge, it is appropriate for you to consult your dentist about whether it is possible to have a dental bridge.

To be an ideal candidate for a dental bridge, you should have at least one or more missing teeth. Your general health should be good. It would help if you were not suffering from any infection or medical condition. You should have a healthy and strong bone structure for supporting the bridge.

At Special Care Dentistry of Oregon, we are professionals in dental bridge installation. Our staff undergoes regular training to equip them with the latest dental bridge installation trends. We know and understand that people with special needs require more attention and care, and we offer more than that. Reach us today by calling 541-926-3689 to schedule a consultation.
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